Hardworking Media

Set up in July 2001 Hardworking Media offers a long term advantage at fractions of traditional cost. Your media has a job to do and getting it right will both save you money, and make money. We are here to make strategic media benefit easier and cheaper for you to add to your business. We are not large but have the experience, knowledge and creative power to make your business really stand out.

Why bother?

If you have dealt with the issues of branding, design and print projects then you will know the time and expense. And also the huge impact made by good, or bad, activity or executions. Bother to make more of media and the benefits are huge. Retain more of your existing customers and gain new ones. It really does make a difference but it has to applied consistently. Hardworking Media gives you access to the higest quality solutions and thinking with real value. The harder you make media work for you the more you will be heard.

What do we do?

Hardworking Media supplies flexible solutions for media issues. We realise that your issues change and cover a wide range. We make sure that your projects run smoothly and that your companies media develops in a way that will not only save you money now, but will ensure that you maintain the strongest possible benefit from media and communication.

We take your problems and your questions. We deliver solutions and answers. We charge a monthly fee based on requirements. Any project based costs are invoiced seperately on completion of requisition and authorisation.

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